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Eyes of a Valley Girl

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Eyes of a Valley Girl

Valley Girl Memoir

In this retro autobiographical fantasy, emerging “Valley Girl” Marianne discovers a matrix of hope and prosperity which characterizes her culture of 1960s suburban Southern California.

Eyes of a  Valley Girl  is her attempt to share some of this world with her readers, and how the magic, which is love, becomes apparent even when it isn’t seen. 

The main character, Marianne, navigates a swirling brew of friends, school, French culture, Viet Nam, and an alcoholic family, as she prepares to graduate from Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, California. 

teenage 60s memoirs
teenage 60s memoirs

From "Epilogue:"

"After a few minutes’ brisk walk, I stood in the portico, nearly blinded by the lights, and rang the doorbell. My heart pounded. I never doubted that the Tolemys’ would take me in for the night. They had done it before. More than once, disaster at my house had metamorphosed into sleepovers at Shelby’s. 
"The door opened and there stood her dad, looking a bit startled. Suddenly I felt awkward in my bedroom chiffon and fake fur, Mother’s latest condemnation ringing in my ears. Shelby ran up and, seeing me, squeezed around and grabbed my hand, pulling me through the doorway.
“Marianne, what happened? Did you have another blow-out with your mom? Was she drinking?”
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Through the Eyes of the Valley Girl
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Meet The Valley Girl
The author was born and raised in Hollywood until the age of seven.  In 1958 she moved with her family to Encino in the San Fernando Valley, and attended Lanai Road Elementary School, foreshadowing her move to a Hawaiian  paradise twenty years later.  Her Valley home on Empress Avenue, and neighboring streets like Mooncrest and Oakview reveal a further synchronicity with the invisible, magical world.  Perhaps this accounts for her familiarity with the faerie realm and all the love that resides there.

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