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In this retro autobiographical fantasy, emerging “Valley Girl” Marianne discovers a matrix of hope and prosperity which characterizes her culture of 1960s suburban Southern California. Through this lens, she is able to see the good which survives anguish and neglect, and to celebrate the time’s evolving compassionate optimism. Power to the Valley Girl. She understands the world as a galactic crystal of which humanity is a scintillating facet, in need of polishing from time to time.
From "Spell of Isis:"

"I had sewn together brilliant fragments of my own family’s history to make the vestment, which I planned to wear over a simple, white linen shift. Mrs. Halsted helped me design the cape. We pieced together a pattern of diamonds at the top in alternating gold (from my Slavic peasant girl costume in 6th grade) and plum from my mother’s dress. We then encircled the neckline in a band of scarlet and pink cut from some of my sister’s girlie dresses. All of this was attached to a quilted turquoise coverlet that draped over my shoulders, and fastened at the throat with my grandmother’s Art Deco brooch, the one I secretly borrowed from my mother’s jewelry box. It boasted intertwining bodies of golden asps encircling a cabochon of lapis lazuli."